Seventeen years in project management teached me one simple thing: My week will be as good as my plan is.

First, here is a video message for you…

Here are my conclusions out of the last 17 years in business:

If I do not plan my time, someone else takes my time

At the end of the week I am tired, but did nothing for my own plans.

This is true not only for working in teams but also for working in home office. If I do not take my goals in hand, if I don’t schedule time for doing something for my own projects, my career, my health, my success, then nothing happens.

If I did not write down a goal for my week, why am I surprized by the end of the ineffective week?

Remember, a year has only 52 of this magic units when you have time to move forward. Only 52! This is not that much.

So: What’s stopping you? Write the goal for your week on some pieces of paper and place it all ver the place:

  • on the spot you see when you wake up
  • on you bathroom mirror
  • on the fridge
  • put a copy INTO the fridge :-)
  • and one another copy into your wardrobe
  • one near to the place you frequent in the evening
  • and – my favorite – one on your entrance door, so you leave your house with the intention to do great things for you weekly goals

Start now! Today! Don’t procrastinate. Don’t hope that tomorrow is a better day for that. THERE IS NO TOMORROW. The only area in your life, when you can change things is TODAY.

So plan your week and work your plan – and plan to be successful by the end of every week.

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